The beach, best exam break… 

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campsite - Fiona Christensen


Going through some of the Polaroid shots I took from Saturday night. Quite and expensive luxury at R16.00 ($1,80) per shot!

Talented work from a guy at my university. 

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always the case.

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Nothing says friendship like a stick on moustache…


Comecei a me importar com as pessoas que realmente me dão valor .

aliens and astronauts

when i feel like an alien in my own home and when the people i called my friends make me feel like strangers, i become an astronaut. 

It sounds strange but astronauts live in space. No sound nor feeling reaches them and they look down from the outside of earth and wonder. And i feel like that. Alone in a place of darkness, where the stars are my friends and the planets my home. 

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