Have you ever had that feeling like close isn’t close enough?

The way it feels is like being there with them, touching each other, just isn’t close enough. You want more. Your lips on theirs, isn’t close enough. Nothing can satisfy this yearning to be this way forever because any farther apart would be devastating.

The way his hands move gently up your body, the feeling you get as he kisses your neck and makes his way up to your lips and for a moment, you feel like everything is right.

Your mind goes blank and all that’s left is joyful ignorance. Ignorance of everything else in the world because it simply doesn’t matter. All that matters is here and now and the look in his eyes. That look he gets as he stares into your eyes and you bite your lip as he leans in for another kiss. That spark you feel as you run your hands up his back, the secure feeling of your head in his hands. The gentleness that assures you that he’s not going anywhere and you’re all he wants. The heartbreak when you realize your time together is coming to an end.

That’s what it feels like to never be close enough. To have that attachment to someone so intimately that he occupies the corners of your mind that come awake as you drift off into a light sleep. You close your eyes and you see his, staring into yours. You remember the times you laughed together right before you lean in for another kiss because there’ll never be enough. Never enough to make you feel done. Never enough to reach the endpoint. And the equilibrium of passions keeps flowing between you two, as you deny reality and live as if you’ll be infinitely one, together.


— Caramel Cianci (via anthrop)

Posted 2 years ago